In the minds of online entrepreneurs, Amazon, Walmart, and other e-commerce giants loom large as the insurmountable e-commerce leaders. Other brands seem to struggle to keep up.

So what makes some e-commerce website successful? What makes them thrive where others have failed and continue to fail? Is it possible to compete successfully against these giants with an already established, loyal customer base? You may be surprised to learn that it is indeed possible.

Prioritize your highest performing techniques

To compete against the thriving e-commerce sites, you need to get your strategies right. You can try various tactics on your journey of discovery, but you will most likely get lost in the noise. Very few optimization experiments work.

First, you must conduct extensive and intensive research on tactics, data, and technologies that drive the greatest impact to revenues of e-commerce businesses in your niche. Arm yourself with the highest performing techniques and ignore all other unverified claims in the marketplace. Do not operate in a fog of misinformation; Amazon doesn’t.

Targeted implementation of e-commerce conversion rate optimization techniques

Targeted implementations are more effective than non-targeted ones. Coupling your highest-performing optimization techniques with targeted personalization based on user preferences and behavior has been shown to improve revenues by significant margins.

You cannot market to all your customers in the same way. Your marketing tactics should reflect the individual purchasing patterns of your customers. For example, you can reward your loyal customers with special offers on the products they frequently purchase and on the other hand spend money on advertisements to entice new customers. This necessitates knowing your customers so that you can personalize their shopping experience.

Provide excellent customer service on your e-commerce site

After driving visitors to your site through your marketing efforts and advertising campaigns, you have to provide them with the support they require. Customers like being certain that they can prompt a reliable support to address any concern or mishaps. As such, it is advisable to use the services of an e-commerce platform equipped with features that can support a reliable customer support platform for your online store.

A fog of misinformation hangs over the e-commerce industry; brands that choose to ignore the noise and work with facts thrive. Many online entrepreneurs, however, are guilty of approaching conversion optimization with cavalier attitudes. They still focus on traditional tactics like cosmetic optimization, which have lost their effectiveness.