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Coming up with an idea for an e-commerce store and then setting it up is the easy part. First of all, you need to have a website. This can be done with an ecommerce website builder offered by platforms such as Shopify. The tough part is getting the products which you are subsequently going to sell in your e-commerce store. Whether you have a site selling journals or a site selling clothing; you will need to get your products from somewhere. A lot of times e-commerce owners do not think about the physical space they will require for their company. Just because you sell products online does not mean you will not physically have products that you will need to store somewhere. Thus, you need to figure out the storage situation as well.

As for getting the products, there are many ways to source products for your store. Here are certain ways which will help you stock up on products for your e-commerce store.

1. Wholesalers

Getting your inventory from a wholesale place is a good idea. There are certain companies which give you access to wholesalers online as well. You can choose whatever is more convenient for you. Getting products at a wholesale price gives you the advantage of getting a lesser cost per item purchased since buying in bulk almost always results in some kind of a discount. This means you get a bigger profit margin or that you can transfer this lower cost to your customers hence becoming a popular e-commerce website for shopping since you offer lower prices than your competition. The most popular wholesale hub is alibaba.com since they have a myriad of wholesalers on the website selling their products and you can choose which retailer you want to purchase from.

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2. Trade Shows

Trade shows are usually restricted for people already in the business. Thus, they are not open for the general public; there is no steadfast rule but just the norm for trade shows. You can visit trade shows and interact with different manufacturers who manufacture products which you sell on your e-commerce store. Usually at trade shows you will find that manufacturers are offering discounts if you agree to build a professional relationship with their business right there. This can be incredibly helpful as you might just snag a better price for your products than your competitors. At trade shows you can look around at options, compare and then choose the vendor you want to work with.

3. Craft Shows

You might be wondering why you should go to a craft show to find a vendor where you will get your product supply for. We tell you about craft shows because they are usually a gold mine for small scare businesses that are producing wonderful products for a limited audience. You can usually find a business willing to produce a certain amount of pieces for you to sell on your e-commerce store. This means that you will be able to find one of a kind products for your website. You can easily sell these on your e-commerce website and can maybe even come up with a deal for your small business vendor which limits them to only sell a certain number of pieces every month only to you. Usually small businesses are home based and thus you will have to keep in mind their production capacity.

Starting an e-commerce business may sound easy but there is a lot of work involved. This means that you will have a hard time finding a suitable vendor who can provide you with your products at the rate you prefer and in the quantity, you need.